Feast Catering is excited to announce our new Chef Select Wedding Menus!

Feast Catering's Chef Select Wedding menus, designed by our chef & culinary team, represent our clients favorite, and most popular, crowd pleasing selections.

The Chef Select Series is designed with value to our clients in mind.

By choosing a Chef Select Menu, you are insured great variety, and a selection of our signature dishes. 

We offer the Chef Select Menus in Plated, Buffet, and Family Style formats.

Please contact our Wedding Department via our website contact form, and inquire about our Chef Select offerings.

Our talented and experienced staff will guide you through our many offerings, to help determine what best suits you, on this monumental day.

If you are interested in a custom menu and Private Consultation for building a specific menu, look no further. 

Perhaps you've enjoyed a special dish on your first date that you would love to re-create, or you have a "grandmother" recipe that you would like to serve traditionally or put a nuevo variation to?

We are happy to make your wedding and food dreams come true.

Our private consultation consists of a one on one interview with our chef Jesse. Complimentary consultations are booked Tuesdays only, with two blocks available 11a.m. and 1p.m.

Consultations range from a half hour to an hour.

Cost per guest for custom menus begin at $145.

We are elated to provide you with unforgettable dishes on your special day.


The event guests will talk about for years to come...... YOURS.

The event guests will talk about for years to come...... YOURS.

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